As a gender non-conforming survivor of medical abuse and a woman in recovery/detransition from hormone therapy, the transcriber is all too aware of the effects of hormones, voice training, and plain genetics on male v. female speech.

Therefore, I avoid making definitive judgments on the sex of the speakers in the crowd except in the following cases:
A. when they identify themselves clearly as being genetically male or female or
B. when the biological sex of the speaker is undeniably obvious regardless of possible medical intervention or voice training.

The transcription is VERY generous in leaving the presumed sex of the speaker un-noted. This transcriber discourages “mis-gendering” in polite company. However, it is the position of the transcriber that when a person is born male, socialized male, most likely regularly recognized as male, and displays male-pattern aggression toward a panel of women, their background as a male is relevant and ought to be noted.